The CRM Finance module for Cash Flow Forecasting contains a web based forecasting form for reporting liquidity and currency flows.  Head office will design and administer one or several form templates containing the basic detail level of date columns and row headlines for each reporting purpose.  Different forms can be used for example for annual budgeting versus daily, monthly or quarterly reporting of actual and updated forecasts.

The reporting unit, a subsidiary, department, division, business area etc. logs on to the CRM Finance database via internet and use the web based form which is relevant for a given point in time and purpose.  The reported information is entered in the form and instantly saved in the CRM Finance database.

Forecasted cashflows are merged with imported bank balances in the CRM treasury database for consolidated analysis and graphic presentation.

CRM Finance is developed in Sweden by CRM Treasury Systems

We were the first treasury management system supplier to offer companies the opportunity to operate their entire treasury system via the Internet. Over time, CRM Finance has been developed into a highly appraised easy-to-use, stable and cost effective product.

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