CRM Hosting

Cost effectiveness in all phases of treasury work

Say good bye to Citrix, remote desktop and complicated firewalls.  Say hello to the browser.  You are in control, we are in control.  Together we can focus on effective risk management and secure financial administration.

The complete system of CRM Finance is fully operational in the web browser.  This enables an effective hosting service which does not need to draw resources from your IT department.  Say good bye to Citrix and Terminal server solutions and to firewall problems.
The advantages for our customer with a hosted solution by CRM are partly technical but foremost in the area of fast and efficient support in daily financial administration.  We can easily access and run our customers installations together with the client in situations when they need urgent on line support.  It can relate to creating or adjusting reports, interpret results of reports, advice on register structures and train and instruct via the internet connection.  Automatic upgrades to latest version, management of back up routines etc, are of course a natural part of the service.

The advantages with a hosted solution from CRM can be summarized as follows.

  • The functional support is dramatically improved.  Response times are eliminated and CRM can immediately implement changes and amendments to the database.
  • Reduced costs for hardware investments.  Customers share hardware with other customers on CRM machinery with high end performance.
  • The need for back up operations and technical support in daily server management is eliminated in the customer’s organization and related costs are reduced.

CRM Finance is developed in Sweden by CRM Treasury Systems

We were the first treasury management system supplier to offer companies the opportunity to operate their entire treasury system via the web browser. Over time, CRM Finance has been developed into a highly appraised easy-to-use, stable and cost effective software.