CRM Equity offers a fully integrated system for managing equity instruments in a multi-currency and multi-user environment. The system is designed to meet the treasury department’s needs for real-time analysis of asset position, risk, profit/loss and sensitivity related to equity management.

CRM Finance basic functionality

The CRM Finance basic functionality in Front-, Middle-, and Back office is applied equally for all instruments covered in multi-currency and multi-user environments. The system is designed to meet the needs of the treasury department for real-time analysis of position, risk, profit and loss and sensitivity.

Automated accounting

The CRM function for dynamic automated account coding cuts the time and effort necessary for setup and maintenance of the accounting function to a minimum. The function is operative within a few days and is entirely multi-currency based.
Manual accounting is available for non-standard situations. Journal entries are exported to your ERP system.

Supports most common related instruments

  • CRM Equity can be used as a separate equity management system or integrated with CRM Finance Base module in order to handle your company’s total financial risks in Equity, FX and Money Markets.
  • CRM Equity supports the most commonly used equity related instruments including futures and options. The system supports the complete transaction cycle with all flows and functions related to the transaction.