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Sharing of  know-how creates efficiency and cost savings.
Cutting-edge systems expertise is crucial for an effective finance function.


Make sure your treasury system is used to its fullest potential. This requires systems knowledge.  A solid understanding of systems is an essential prerequisite for the effective control of your company’s financial risks. CRM offers a range of services relating to the treasury function: technical operation, daily system support, training, consultation and financial administration services.

Systems knowledge

As a customer of CRM Treasury Systems you have access to CRM’s wealth of knowledge and experience within treasury administration and financial systems. Take advantage of our extensive know-how within treasury. A core objective of our business concept is to share knowledge with our customers.

CRM Finance™ is developed in Sweden by CRM Treasury Systems

We were the first treasury management system supplier to offer companies the opportunity to operate their entire treasury system via the web browser. Over time, CRM Finance has been developed into a highly appraised easy-to-use, stable and cost effective software.